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Since 2014, The Jack•Son•Tucky has been committed to producing premium bourbons and a single malt whisky. This craft distillery is dedicated to the old tradition of batch distillation and creating whiskies from two small copper pot stills crafted by Rocky Point Coppery Stills in Boaz, Kentucky. The short squat nature of the stills maximize the contact of the spirit with the copper helping to concentrate the flavor from the grains. As the liquid heats the alcohol boils and vaporizes. The vapor then travels over the neck where it cools and is condensed back into a liquid. 

With the more common larger and taller stills, or even the ubiquitous column stills found at most bourbon distilleries, the alcohol vapor travels a long way. This results in heavier vapors falling back into the boil and only the lighter vapors finding their way into the condenser. In contrast, the alcohol vapors produced in our small stills travel a very short path enabling us to collect a dense, rich, flavorful spirit. This, and our double distillation process, is not conducive to making other spirits. No vodkas, no rums, no gins—just fine whiskies.

Our uniquely heavy and full-bodied spirits ensure that we can mature our whiskies for a long time—meaning the spirits have a longer time to penetrate and absorb all the intricate flavors found in our fresh American oak barrels. Above all, we are driven by our single core value: producing superior spirits by applying traditional approaches that honor the culture and techniques of the past and present Bourbon and Scotch distilleries. So we are proud to offer only single barrel cask strength expressions for which makes each bottling unique. Rest assured, only the finest whiskies will ever fill a bottle created by The Jack•Son•Tucky.

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